Redefined - AA

Program updates discontinued - will be merged into ManageR

Development on this program has been discontinued.

It will soon be merged inside the RaideR which will become a full ManageR in the near future.

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WARNING: DOES NOT AUTO-SOLVE CAPTCHAs, world hunger or find your missing keys!


  • MultiThread - multi accounts at the same time
  • Brute Potions
  • Realtime Results - shown on each target
  • Persistent Atack List - combine hitlist, crews, crew hitlist
  • One Click Add/Remove to/from Crew Hitlist
  • Skiller

  • Single account / Multiple accounts at once
  • Re-equip initial items when finished
  • Warn if not max level
  • Do not equip bindable items
  • Potions Caster

  • Check the accounts, type the names of the potions on separate lines, Cast.
  • Good usage: Remnant Solice Lev 6, Brutality Potion - Use the FULL Name of the potions
  • Bad usage: potion (it will cast ANY first potion it finds)
  • Brute Potions cast every 3 attacks
  • Scheduler

  • Run at specified Date/Time, Repeat every X minutes, Auto and Custom message
  • Works for: Potion Casting, Underling Buff, Skilling
  • Misc

  • Custom Groups
  • Extra stats (Attack, HP, Rage, Max Rage, etc...)
  • Cast/Auto-Cast Underling Buff
  • Buy supplies - works only for non-trustees
  • Level Up - works only for non-trustees
  • Add/Remove trustees to checked acoounts - works only for non-trustees
  • Trustee vs Owned accounts visual feedback
  • All/Trustee/Owned filter
  • Invite Manager
  • Hitlist Manager
  • News & Change List

    Redefined - PVP-AA News
    -= News =- Added Time Frame ⇒ Added Gods Info ⇒ Beta PVP-AA Released
    Known Issues ⇒ Old version...
    ChangeList v1.0.0.3 ⇒ 26.09.2015 15:37
    [f] Some unhandled errors
    [^] Brute casting changed - should be faster now
    [^] GUI, Updated from Main
    [^] Using Main server now

    -= [28.03.2014 09:33] =-
    [+] MultiThreaded Attacks - All Targets at once - more or less
    [+] SchedulR - Buff, Skill, Pots
    [+] Added Settable Next Run Wait Time
    [f] Brute casting changed - should be faster now
    [f] Non-Working -1 infinite runs
    [^] GUI, Updated from Main

    -= [13.12.2013 19:17] =-
    PUBLIC BETA FIRST RELEASE #RedefinedTools@Quakenet by