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Server Migrated Successfully Should have a better uptime and a more stable response. The location was changed to be closer to the US.
2019-01-11 21:37:13

OW Data welcomes Quests OW Data menu group has a new addition: Quests. If you spot a mistake or something missing use the Support and send an email so we can fix it. I will try to update these as fast and regularly as possible.
HINT: You can search by Quest ID, by Quest Name or Drop
2018-12-10 11:04:42

Cauldron WoZ update Added WoZ 2018 recipes in Cauldron
2018-11-29 05:38:25

Support can add Cauldron Recipes To support Cauldron where all (and hopefully updated) Cauldron Recipes are you can now add Cauldron Recipes in the Support page. After validation they will appear in the Cauldron page.
2018-11-19 09:11:31

OW Data welcomes Cauldron OW Data menu group has a new addition: Cauldron. This is where all (and hopefully updated) Cauldron Recipes will appear.
HINT: You can search by Recipe Name or Ingredient Name
2018-11-07 15:51:17

Site restructured - OW Data added ExpChart and Gods have been merged into OW Data group to accommodate future additions.
2018-11-07 15:47:34

Updated Time Frame Clicking a god name will now show the info for that god (similar to Gods Info page).
2018-10-25 17:24:02

Updated Gods Info The Gods Info page load has been optimized
2018-09-12 09:01:08

One ManageR app to rule them all AA and Wilderness apps have been merged into ManageR. ALL of the features from AA and Wilderness are available within the same value in ManageR. PvE has been introduced as beta inside the ManageR.
2017-12-01 09:01:02

Outwar News via Outwar.com

7/18/19 - New Guardian - Murfax, Beast of the Caves:
A new Guardian raid has appeared in the Veldara Caves. Murfax, Beast of the Caves has awoken due to the ongoing wars on Veldara. The strongest Guardian ever known to Outwar, Murfax possesses loot such as powerful gear, augments, rare quest items including the Boon of Unity and more. One of these quest items is the Scripture of Murfax which can be exchanged once with Ashala for a high experience reward. Rally your alliances and defeat this chaotic evil.

7/12/19 - Astral Rift & Potion of Amdir Updates:
Rage costs of mobs in the Astral Rift have now been increased and quest requirements have been lowered. In addition to this, the Potion of Amdir quest has had it's requirements doubled, however the Potion of Amdir is now tradeable (existing Amdir potions have been updated as well).

7/7/19 - New Gladiator & Epic Helm Upgrade:
A new Gladiator has been added to the Gladiator Arena in Diamond City. Vork, Gladiator of Chaos has been exiled to the arena from Veldara. Vork will remain active for 4 days, during which time players can attack him to raise their damage and rank as high as possible. When the 4 day timer is up, Vork will retreat for 10 days before restarting the cycle.

Upon Vork's retreat, reward chests will be awarded to the top 30 damage dealers for that 4 day period. These chests contain a new currency called Chaotic Gladiator Marks. The higher your rank the more marks you will receive and the top 5 ranked players will also receive a Recharge the Fury. You can redeem your marks to the Veldara Treasurer for the following rewards:

- Orb Booster - used to upgrade Irthys orbs to the new Chaotic Orbs (more info below).
- Recharge the Fury.
- Potion of Enraged Alsayic.
- Halloween Potion Set - 1x Damned Holy Shot / Damned Arcane Shot / Damned Fire Shot / Damned Kinetic Shot / Damned Shadow Shot / Damned Element Shot / Snickers Bar / Starburst / M&Ms / Skittles / Kit Kat Bar / Sugar Daddy / Tootsie Pop / Bubble Gum / Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.
- Wonderland Potion Set - 1x Holy Vile / Arcane Vile / Fire Vile / Kinetic Vile / Shadow Vile / White Vile / Natas Vile / Rampage Vile / Squidberry Juice / Jabberwocky Blood / Liquid Bone Juice.

The Gladiator Missionary is offering 3 new quests to upgrade each orb from the Irthys Orb set. Present him with an Orb Booster and your Irthys Orb to complete this exchange.

The top 20 damage dealers for Vork will also receive a ranked specialty chest with a common chance to receive a Chaotic Gladiator Mark, an uncommon chance to receive an Unstable Mineral which can be exchanged with the Gladiator Missionary five times for Chaos Ore, a rare chance to receive a Scripture of Vork which can be exchanged once with Ashala for a high experience reward, or a very rare chance to receive one of two new quest items. The first very rare drop, the Chaotic Nucleus, increases in drop chance every five ranks you climb and can be exchanged with the Gladiator Missionary for the Chaotic Titan Augment.

The second very rare drop, the Boon of Power, can be exchanged with Horan, Enchanter of Chaos for a Chaotic Inscription via the recently added Boon of Power quest to upgrade your Epic helm. This now means the third Epic helm upgrade can be obtained by collecting all 3 unique Boons.

6/28/19 - New Epic Helm Questline - Secrets of Veldara:
Lvl 82+: The next Epic questline is here! For those that have completed the Veldara Caves, Horan, Enchanter of Chaos in the Veldara Garrison is now offering the Secrets of Veldara quest, where players can discover new sources of Chaos and use them to enchant a powerful helm. This Epic questline however is different than previous ones, as players can obtain multiple items to upgrade the helm in any order they choose.

Once players have advanced through the bulk of the questline, Horan will require you to present a Chaotic Inscription along with the Helm of Enchantment provided by this quest to upgrade to the first Epic helm - the Helm of the Erratic Veldarian. Chaotic Inscriptions can be obtained by exchanging rare items called Boons via Horan's separate Boon quests. Currently there are 2 Boons available to obtain: the Boon of Nature from the treasury and the Boon of Unity from Gregov and another upcoming Guardian raid. Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing 2 new Boons, making this stage of the Epic questline have a total of 4 best in slot upgrades. As the Boon quests are separate quests from the main quest, players can exchange them for Chaotic Inscriptions in any order. There will also be a 5th and final upgrade to this helm in the level 84-85 update at a later date.

6/24/19 - Upcoming Maintenance & New Notification Preferences:
Over the coming week Outwar will be undergoing 2 more downtime periods as our host performs scheduled maintenance. Please allow up to 2 hours for each maintenance period, however the actual downtime is expected to be much less. The upcoming maintenance times and expected loss of service are as follows:

28th June @ 10pm - Torax only downtime.
1st July @ 11pm - Full game downtime.

We have also added 2 new notification Preferences. Players now have the option to disable mail notifications for completed trades and crew loot awards.



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