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Server Migrated Successfully Should have a better uptime and a more stable response. The location was changed to be closer to the US.
2019-01-11 21:37:13

OW Data welcomes Quests OW Data menu group has a new addition: Quests. If you spot a mistake or something missing use the Support and send an email so we can fix it. I will try to update these as fast and regularly as possible.
HINT: You can search by Quest ID, by Quest Name or Drop
2018-12-10 11:04:42

Cauldron WoZ update Added WoZ 2018 recipes in Cauldron
2018-11-29 05:38:25

Support can add Cauldron Recipes To support Cauldron where all (and hopefully updated) Cauldron Recipes are you can now add Cauldron Recipes in the Support page. After validation they will appear in the Cauldron page.
2018-11-19 09:11:31

OW Data welcomes Cauldron OW Data menu group has a new addition: Cauldron. This is where all (and hopefully updated) Cauldron Recipes will appear.
HINT: You can search by Recipe Name or Ingredient Name
2018-11-07 15:51:17

Site restructured - OW Data added ExpChart and Gods have been merged into OW Data group to accommodate future additions.
2018-11-07 15:47:34

Updated Time Frame Clicking a god name will now show the info for that god (similar to Gods Info page).
2018-10-25 17:24:02

Updated Gods Info The Gods Info page load has been optimized
2018-09-12 09:01:08

One ManageR app to rule them all AA and Wilderness apps have been merged into ManageR. ALL of the features from AA and Wilderness are available within the same value in ManageR. PvE has been introduced as beta inside the ManageR.
2017-12-01 09:01:02

Outwar News via

2/15/19 - Augment of Holy Transcendence:
The Transcended Merchant in the City of Corruption has offered to trade an exceptionally powerful augment in exchange for a rare extract. Purchase a Transcended Extract from the treasury and speak with the merchant to begin the trade.

2/10/19 - Potion Backpack Changes:
We have changed the potion backpack to now work similarly to how the quest backpack works. The potion backpack will no longer have a limit, meaning potions can now be awarded to characters from crew vaults regardless of the amount of potions in their backpack.

2/8/19 - Elemental Fuser Vendor & Scallywag Change:
A new trader has arrived in the Astral Rift for those wanting to make use of their excess Elemental Fusers. The Fuser Collector offers 4 quests to exchange fusers for old potions. Players can also still exchange tokens with the Elemental Overlord to obtain these potions at a much easier and cheaper rate than their original methods. The 4 potions obtainable are:
Marsh Water - 3 Fusers.
Evil Scream - 3 Fusers.
Holy Vile - 9 Fusers.
Rampage Vile - 9 Fusers.

We have also updated the Easy Way Out method to obtain the Scallywag weapon and chest provided by Tracy McScurvy. This quest will now award both the Buccaneers Slop Coat and One Eyes Cutlass.

2/1/19 - Preferred Player Sale:
From now until 9pm Monday the 4th of February there will be a 20% off treasury Preferred Player sale.

2/1/19 - Badge Level 25:
The warriors of the Diamond City Sanctum have found new ways to refine the elemental power of your badge. Complete specific tasks set by the warriors of the sanctum to gain Badge Reputation. This reputation can then be handed in to Wade to increase your badge rank. Wade will now offer quests to level your badge as far as level 25. All new Badge Reputation NPCs are listed below, along with quest requirement information and how much reputation you can earn from each NPC.

(18 Rep) Normok provides 2 quests to obtain reputation. Quest 1 requires you to defeat a large number of enemies held in both of Diamond City's prisons. Quest 2 requires you to find a rare item from an enemy that can be attacked once per week.

(30 Rep) Dione provides 2 quests to obtain reputation. Quest 1 requires you to collect Greater Experience Wards which can be found on the treasury. Quest 2 requires you to collect Yorrons Fragments which can also be found on the treasury.

(27 Rep) Archuv provides 3 quests to obtain reputation. Quest 1 requires you to have completed Floor 24 of the Infinite Tower (this quest will not appear until the Infinite Tower Floor 24 quest has been completed). Quest 2 requires you to have obtained all 4 of the Tier 3 Skill Crests (this quest will not remove your Skill Crests). Quest 3 requires you to collect 200 Honored Gladiator Marks (this quest will not remove your Gladiator Marks).

For those wanting to skip the process of ranking up a badge, the warriors of the sanctum have also found a way to refine the Badge of Virtuosity. Purchase an Essence of Absolution and present it to Jeya, Guardian of Absolution to receive the Badge of Absolution. The cost to purchase the Badge of Virtuosity has also been lowered by 20%.

1/25/19 - Onslaught Crest of Affliction, Clone Update & Kix Potion Changes:
For those who have obtained the Excelled Crest of Affliction, the Skill Master of Affliction has found a way to further empower your Skill Crest. Speak with him to begin your task which will involve extracting soul fragments from Hovok the Archfiend. Hovok will respawn every 10 days, however for those wanting to skip the long process of collecting Archfiend Soul Fragments, they can be purchased on the Treasury.

Cloning prices have been revamped. The cost of cloning an item will now solely depend on the rarity of the item you are cloning and now accepts playerbound points!. The new prices per rarity are as follows:
Common - 5 points.
Uncommon - 10 points.
Rare - 15 points.
Elite - 25 points.
Godly - 50 points.
Brutal - 75 points.
King - 125 points.
Mythic - 175 points.

We have also revised the method to obtain Kix Potions. The Kix Potion Masters in the mountains of Kix Woods now have a chance to drop Kix Potions. Quest items for the old Hadley quest will drop for 1 more week and we will be leaving the quest up for 2 weeks before the quest and items are removed.

1/21/19 - Superbowl 2019 Pool:
"It's Superbowl time again! This year we will be hosting 2 pools - one with a 50 point entry and another with a 500 point entry (5% transfer tax will apply, therefore total entry cost for the pools will be 52.5 points and 525 points). Each pool's reward will be seperate, therefore every player can enter both pools. To enter the pools, send 50 or 500 points to Slash with the team you want to win, like in the example below. If you are entering both pools, you can send 550 points in one transfer. If your team wins, you will get your entry fee (including tax) back and the losers points will be split evenly between all the winners. Outwar will be adding 105 points to the small pool and 1050 points to the large pool as well! If you wish to confirm your entry was added you can message Slash on discord. All entries must be sent before the game begins on the 4th of February.



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